Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SpRiNg Is HeRe!!!

Spring is here finally and so are the babies! Easton watched a new baby arrive. He named him John Deere (imagine that) . Every time we walk outside he says "Mom SSHHHH, the baby is sleeping" It 's really funny. He will stand on the fence forever and watch John Deere. That makes a total of three babies. The twins that are white and John Deere he is black.

Easton will call the sheep over and talks to them. He is my silly boy.

We also had a play date with all the cousins. Easton had so much fun. First we went to Barry's (the best fry sauce ever) and got lunch to eat at the park. Then we played at the park for hours. It was fun. They are making there funny faces.

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Mattsbrt said...

How fun for him to experience that with the sheep. & it looked like he was in need of that play date! FUN!!