Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pool party!

We had so much fun yesterday at John and Norma's pool. Easton loved playing with all his cousins. Steve and Bryce are here visiting us all from North Carolina,We haven't seen them since last year at Christmas. The kids have grown so much. And Steve and Bryce are so happy. They just celebrated 13 years if marriage AMAZING!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

We went and seen Bumbo (dumbo)

Easton for about six months the only movie that he wants to watch is Dumbo which he calls bumbo. So when work was offering us tickets, we couldn't resist. He was so excited to see bumbo.
He had so much fun with his friends Halle and Briley.

One happy family checking out bumbo.

Some of friends at the circus.

Dad and Easton amazed.

Easton with camera

Easton was taking pictures of everything mostly his own hand, but he did get a good one of his mom.


Easton wears his sun glasses every where it is so funny.

What a stud

Helping mom make dinner

Easton loves to cook he will walk up to me and say "mom lets's cook it" it is so funny. We made corn bread and he would fill the tray them empty it back out so that he could fill it agian. It was great.

And don't forget that you have to taste it.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Easton is a BIG boy

Easton used the potty all by himself!!!! YEAH! I am literal jumping for joy that is two days in a row that we have had no diapers.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

June's Van's

We had an Avon party at Desi's house yesterday and June was so excited about her Van's that I had to take a picture. She is soooo cool! I told her she better check my blog out I was going to put them on here ! LOLOLO Here they are!!!

The Races

We went and watched Lance race his dirt bike in his first pro race. It was at Rocky Mountian Raceway (RMR). He did so good! He came in six out of fourteen.

Easton was hooked the second he saw the other kids not much bigger then him riding and racing there dirt bikes. Some of the kids were four years old that is crazy. Nick asked me when he could start East and I told him we are still working on walking he falls doing that all the time. Let alone on a dirt bike.Tanner and Easton sat and watched Tanner kept asking when was it his turn to race. It was funny.

Easton loves to swim

We would fill his pool ever day and put his little slide in and he was happy the rest of the day. We also took him to the public pool in Spanish Fork he loved it. If he could live in water he would. The only way we get him out is promising that he can watch Bumbo (Dumbo) it is has favorite movie. We are going to take him to see Bumbo Friday.

Are trip to Hawaii

We had a lot of fun this summer. Nick and I went to Hawaii to celebrate are fifth anniversary, five wonderful years. We went on this romantic sunset cruise. I got so sick I had never been on a boat before. So that really wasn't that romantic but on the cruise a couple got engaged it was so cute.

We also went scuba diving and swam with sea turtles that were bigger than me. We had so much fun.

We went to Pearl Harbor. It was truly the most emotional place I think that I have ever been. The atmoshpere was so surreal. We went out to where one of the ships where sank in the fight it still had oil coming up from the sterns of the ship. I started to cry, but at the same time I felt so proud to be an American.

We went to the Polynesian center which educates on all of the cultures of all the Polynesian islands that are located near Hawaii. If you get the chance to go definitely go here.

We also went to the Dole plantation. I have never like pineapple in my life. But the pineapple that I tasted there was UNBELIEVABLE it just melted in your mouth.UMMMMMM I want pineapple.

We went to the temple it was breath taking the trees where aligned perfectly straight. And the grounds where immaculate. The visiting center was small but fun. We met a older couple that where missionaries they where from Lehi(what a small world).

We had so much fun at all the activities that the island had to offer. But my favorite part was chillin' at the beach I could get use to doing that all day.

The very best part of whole trip was coming home to Easton. I missed him so much that I told Nick to leave are luggage at the airport. I didn't want to wait for it, I wanted my baby. I started crying waiting for are luggage that seemed to be the last piece on the plane. I was so excited to see him.

Easton at the park!!

I take Easton to the park at least twice a week. He loves it! All we do is swing. Iam talking one straight hour pushing him on the swing. It's alot of fun. I love to see him play with others kids, that he does not know. Easton does not go to day care, so he does not get that interaction. I am so thankful I only work part time in human resources at USSynthetic, and while I am at work Easton gets to hang out with his grandma (my mom).

Friday, September 19, 2008

Rhoade's Family

Matthew, Belle, Curtis, June

A day of Hiking at Battle Creek Trail!!