Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Races

We went and watched Lance race his dirt bike in his first pro race. It was at Rocky Mountian Raceway (RMR). He did so good! He came in six out of fourteen.

Easton was hooked the second he saw the other kids not much bigger then him riding and racing there dirt bikes. Some of the kids were four years old that is crazy. Nick asked me when he could start East and I told him we are still working on walking he falls doing that all the time. Let alone on a dirt bike.Tanner and Easton sat and watched Tanner kept asking when was it his turn to race. It was funny.

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CurtNbellsMom said...

how fun! Give it time & he will be there soon! U did a great job at the pics & the writting. What you think about the whole blog thing?