Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Puppy sitting

Thank you June for the reminder of why we don't have a house dog anymore!! They are alot of work! Easton is in LOVE(so is Nick). Easton carries poor poor muffin by her head everywhere I hope she makes until Thursday when they get back. Nick let the dogs on are bed to lay with us and watch movies it was weird to have two more in are queen sized bed. Sorry June about Nick trying to give your dog away to are friend Phil, I have no idea what he was thinking(if at all). It has been alot of fun!! I think that Easton will be heaart broken.

Friday, December 26, 2008

My favorite Teandra and Ebbie

Easton had to get in!! Of course!! We wear are pj's all day!

Easton and Ebbie are like twins they have there own language oh yeah did I mention they are two weeks apart. Ebbie is the biggest instigator ever she can always convince Easton to go first and he always gets into the trouble. It sooo funny.

Teandra has grown up so fast. She is so smart. Everyone knows how you spell things out that you don't want the kids to understand well, we had to stop doing that when she was three she caught on and would ask why would spell it out instead of just saying the words.

These are my sister's girls. Teandra is 5 almost 6 and Ebbie is almost 3. They came over for Christmas dinner and took some pictures they are always dressed up. They are both the biggest girly girls ever!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Uncle Brian gets Easton the funnest NOISEST toys (on purpose) He got Easton this zebra for his first birthday, it is the loudest toy ever. This year he got him an airplane track that makes take off sounds. It will be upstairs in his playroom for sure. That way we won't get to listen to it. Thanks Brian and Brittani!!

Brunch and cheesecake

Thank you June and Matt!!! We went to are annual Christmas brunch at June and Matt's house that was so good we had awesome food. June made special cheesecake (not like special brownies) they where delicious!!!

Christmas Morning

This year we are so excited that Easton will open his own presents. Last year mom and dad got to. So we woke up early and waited for easton to wake up. This morning was the first time ever that East slept in until 9:oo he is usually up between 5-7. So Nick started to put his train table together. When East walked out at 9 it was almost completely put together. He loved it and Uncle Richie and Aunt Logan got him a train to go on his table. He is spoiled rotten. He got so many toys that he doesn't know what one to play with.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How is Santa going to get in??

We put a key on the door because we don't have a chimney, it has a story that we read Easton has a lot of fun listening and then putting the key on the knob.


We have a family tradition that one of Santa's elves brings us pj's. P.J. Snooze is his name and he always knocks and disappears, but he does leave a note. Then we have new jamas for pictures on Christmas. Santa would want us to look are best. Easton opened his and was so excited that he got a fire truck on his jamas.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

cHrIsTmAs CaRoLing

First Thank You to all the people that came and sang with us in the freezin' cold last night. We had so much fun we had a hot coco bar you mixed in your favorite treat and donuts. Thank goodness we had that hot coco to keep are hands warm. Everyone sounded so good (even when we where not singing the same song). So this next year we are going to start early to practice are songs like the 4th of July just kidding.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


We built us a new house today!! Easton ate more then went on the house, he would take every piece of candy and lick them and stick them to the house. I think he thought that is how they would stick. It was a lot of fun. But today I am still finding candy and frosting everywhere. Nick took it pretty serous. He kept asking for his level, I think he was joking (I hope).

TwO CoOL DudES!!

Easton and Nick had to get the plowing done. So I bundled Easton up tight and handed him over to his dad. They plowed on the four wheeler for about 30 min that's all it took.Easton loves to hang out with his dad.

East grabbed this little shovel and said " I help dad shovel" He kept removing the snow with this little shovel and he was having so much fun.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Easton and his helmet.

This past Summer we found a helmet that fits him. So we won't let him on the wheeler until he wears it, well he won't wear it and he literally walked about a mile because he would not put it on. Anyways a few nights ago we where eating dinner and he says " Mom Dad I wear helmet" we told him if he put the helmet in he could ride the wheeler with dad. So at 9:30pm we broke out the wheeler and put his helmet on and let him ride.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We went to the official beginning of Christmas celebrations at BYU. Every year BYU puts on activities and Shows. This year I got to go last year I had to work. Easton last year did not want anything to do with Santa. This year was kind of different he sat on his lap but would not look directly at him it was so funny.

We had a blast with all the people that showed up Mom and Dad, June, Matt, Kurtis, and Annabelle and then us. Easton made a bobble head snowman that he is still playing with even though he has torn it completely apart.


Black Friday!!! We went to the Walmart in Vernal they would not let us in until exactly 6:00am we got there at 4:30am and had to stand outside in the freezing cold it was awesome!!! I wanted to get the portable dvd player guess what I didn't get it but I did get front row seats for a girl fight. CRAZY WOMEN!!! I did also get a flat screen TV for Nick he liked it. He is so hard to buy anything for. My sister's husband Edwin went with all the girls shopping he was worried that my sister might get hurt and she is pregnant so he wanted to take care of her.He is totally going next year he was on it everything we wanted he got and then carried it all for us.

After the shopping we went back to the Hunsakers and got ready for all the events that Vernal has to offer this is there city celebrations so they had tons of free activities all over town.

So went to some boutiques and started getting into the Christmas spirit. We then took the kids to the Dinosaur museum Easton loves it there it is so much fun. Vernal has a great rec center so we took all the kids swimming. Which was so much fun the bottom of the pool is all padded and there is a kids play place in the center of the pool Easton was all over it plus they have water slides Nick was all over those. I enjoyed the lazy river with Ebbie she loved it.

So behind.

I am so behind on every things including my blog. So here are a few of the things that we have been up to this last little while.

We went to Brien and Clora's new house (which is beautiful) for Thanksgiving. We had so much fun. Everyone had so much fun. My sister and her family and my mom and brother John all went to Vernal. I am so Thankful for my family and all my friends this year. They have all been great support through all the trials that we have gone through this past year. Oh did I mention that I had the only child there that thought that he had to be naked the whole time.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Last night while I was making dinner and cleaning up the kitchen, Easton my wonderful son, decided that he wanted to put mascara on! It was a disaster, he then fell asleep with waterproof mascara all over himself my bed and all my blankets.
When I asked Easton what he had done. He said "look mommy pretty eye, make on my eye pretty"