Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Easton and his boots

Easton loves his cowboy boots. Ever since he could walk they are his choice shoe. Which is okay with his dad. Easton wore his boots all summer long he would only wear his boots all summer long. East thinks they are an outfit. On Sunday's when we are getting ready to go to church he will put on his underwear and his boots and say"mommy go church",he actually thinks that one of these Sunday's I will just give in and let him wear just his underwear and boots. I don't think the bishop would aprove(LOLOLOL). They are already worn out which is amazing because he doesn't wear out anything he grows way to fast. This is his second pair he had a pair size 2 when he was really little and they where actual his dads and Nick wore them when he was real little. And before that the boots where Nick's dad and he wore them. So I guess that it just runs in the boots.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Party!BOOOOOO!

We had so much fun Saturday. Nick and I went as a outlet and Nick was the plug it was pretty funny.We went over to Karen's house and had a PARTY! Matt I mean June (June dressed up as Matt Marine gear and all) and Karen had a lot of really great games. We carved pumpkins.Played the world famous I spy with my little eye. Curtis aka Leo the ninja turtle was the best at the game.

Nick and Tyler took the pumpkin carving pretty serious.

Easton is really afraid well maybe not afraid, but unsure of Karen so she stood behind him and we took the picture. (So he would not cry.) But when June sent me some of the pictures Easton was sitting next to me and started pointing and saying "NO MOMMY! NO MOMMY" (he was pointing at Karen) Sorry Karen you really scare my kid. Can't wait to see what he does when Becky is here.Her identical twin.

Oh yeah Easton is also afraid of his costume. It is a spider-man costume that has a little spider on the front. He freaked out and started yelling "no mom I don't want spidey on me," and then he would grab the bag that it came in and said "put it in" He didn't want anything to do with it. Money well spent I bought it big so he can wear it next year. Yeah right!!LOL

This is a picture of are friends chef Tyler, Soccer player Karen(pro), Hannah and Sammi the princesses.

Mrs. Pumpkin mom sloan and BYU fan dad sloan

MattJune( no space on purpose), Leo (Curtis),Hola dancer Belle

Friday, October 17, 2008

Can't have an Easton without a Weston

We are lucky while the boys are on the hunts we get to spend time with just the girls and the little boys. Clora,Lisa, and Weston came to visit and spend the night Easton had so much fun. Easton and Weston played trucks and read books. I think that he is ready for a brother.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We have taken Easton to the pumpkin patch in Santaquin at the Big Red Barn every year to pick out his pumpkin. He has so much fun! He has more fun on the tractor ride to the field then anything else. Then we go back and have Hot cocoa UMMMMM the best hot cocoa ever.

Easton and his dad looking for the perfect pumpkin.

Dad what do you think about this one?

This is the one and I can pick it up!

Pumpkin heads!!! HAHAHA

Easton sitting waiting to get back on the trailer to go get hot cocoa.

Steve and Bryce

So a few of you have heard me talk about my brother that lives in a bus. Well here is a picture of it. And his wonderful family. I was amazed at how nice it turned out and the room that is avaiable it's great. Love those crazy hippies peace love and happiness! Travel no live safe. Love you guys!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

My two Men Hotties!!!

Easton and Nick both had there suits on for church Sunday. It was so cute. He looks like Nick's mini me I love it.

Easton is such a grown up. (No I am not crying)

Easton's new big boy room

We just got Easton's room set delivered. He loves it he thinks that it is a inside trampoline. FUN!

We got it all out together and made the bed. AND East threw up all over it so he still has not slept in his new bed.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Back Already

We are back from Lake Powell.
We had so much. We went with alot of great friends. We where there for five days.

We stayed on a house boat that was really nice. Four bedrooms and two bathrooms and we all slept upstairs on a deck.And temp. was perfect about 80 degree's the whole time.

We are really lucky we have some friends that have a fast boat. So we where able to learn to surf. Which sounds crazy at Lake Powell but you surf the wake of the boat you start with a rope then you let go and surf. It was so much fun. But I got up with the help of my professional trainer Whitney. Nick did really good he could stay up for a while.

We also stopped on are way there to check out Mojave cave it is the largest collection of glowing rocks in Utah it was cool!

If you have not been to Lake Powell (which I never had) you need to go it was a blast we made alot of great memories. With some really great friends. We stayed up late every night and played some really fun games. Like a game called Skum Ashley was always president. And we played a game called things in a box, it was hilarious I didn't know that Travis's mom had so much to do with everything you shouldn't do. LOLOL

Mommies little girl!!!

So Easton asked to get his nails painted. I couldn't say "no" So I had a lot of fun. Nick did not think that it was funny at all and told me that if I ever paint them again all the nail stuff in the house is gone. LOLOLOL What made it even worse is my family said that he is going to be gay. Because they are bright pink.