Monday, October 6, 2008

Back Already

We are back from Lake Powell.
We had so much. We went with alot of great friends. We where there for five days.

We stayed on a house boat that was really nice. Four bedrooms and two bathrooms and we all slept upstairs on a deck.And temp. was perfect about 80 degree's the whole time.

We are really lucky we have some friends that have a fast boat. So we where able to learn to surf. Which sounds crazy at Lake Powell but you surf the wake of the boat you start with a rope then you let go and surf. It was so much fun. But I got up with the help of my professional trainer Whitney. Nick did really good he could stay up for a while.

We also stopped on are way there to check out Mojave cave it is the largest collection of glowing rocks in Utah it was cool!

If you have not been to Lake Powell (which I never had) you need to go it was a blast we made alot of great memories. With some really great friends. We stayed up late every night and played some really fun games. Like a game called Skum Ashley was always president. And we played a game called things in a box, it was hilarious I didn't know that Travis's mom had so much to do with everything you shouldn't do. LOLOL

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CurtNbellsMom said...

I am so glad that you get to do all these fun things. I am also glad that you had so much fun.