Monday, February 16, 2009

CoOn HuNtInG

We took Scooby out this morning, and we took East with us he loved it! Thank goodness Scooby was worried more about Easton and what he was doing then to actually hunt or pick up a scent(other than Easton's). Easton walked about an hour or so and then he was tired. So Nick carried him back to the truck. I had never been out with Nick and Scooby but it was pretty cool to watch him smell for things.

We also seen a bald Eagle. And then I think these are called Emu's(huh)


Brien and Clora Hunsaker said...

i'm glad you went and had some fun
with nick and easton. in the out doors i need to be a better person and do some stuff like that with brien and the kids. have a great day love ya..

Mattsbrt said...

How fun to do that as a family. Matt wants to go shooting again, but I told him maybe when I know my fingers aren't going to be cold. No I am not on facebook anymore & I am ok with that. I do still have myspace still. Enjoy your day!