Friday, December 4, 2009

A BIG BOY and his OWN gun!!

My wonderful brother got Easton a BB gun for his 2nd birthday, and it has stayed in the box for over the last year. We went shooting with the enitre family out at west mountain, and Easton asked if he could take his gun. It was put away out of sight out of mind, I thought! He remembered that he had gotten his own gun and wanted to shoot it. So we took him and some cans and he shot for quite a while I was really excited that he liked it so much.

Two tough boys!!
Wow I really want my own shot gun!!

Teandra keep your eye on the target silly girl!!

' " I love my gun!" Easton kept saying then he would say " I am going to shoot a deer head!"

Daddy teaching him the ropes!!

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Mattsbrt said...

He is such a big boy & way to teach him these things while he is young!