Sunday, June 14, 2009

Easton and his bike!!

Easton riding his bike. My sister bought this for him last year for his birthday, but we kept it over to her house so that he could ride with the girls. Well he asked to bring it home, so we did. Everyone knows that are drive way is really steep, like four wheel drive in the winter! Okay maybe not that bad.
His legs are just not long enough to reach the peddles and they slow him down so he runs as fast as he can.
He finally caught on that if he lifts his legs he will go faster down the hill (drive way).
The first few times he would try to climb to the top BUT...
He started getting tired...Then...

He would just pick it up and carry it to the top... again and again.

I was laughing so hard... he was having a blast... so of course he started posing!! What a crazy boy!


Mattsbrt said...

The hair cut adds to his personality!

Brien and Clora Hunsaker said...

He is so cute that's great he was having a great time riging his bike.